Research & Development

The entrepeneural nature of the ownership at Collier Tool & Die ensures that there is a continuous flow of new product designs and Tooling modifications. In a fast paced ever- changing industry, our R & D team is always looking to improve our existing design and range of products on offer.

Due to the fact that our range of products are of a highly engineered and technical nature for Plumbing products or the Lawnmower Industry, we need to ensure that the product design and assembly process must be quick and robust as possible to meet the market standard requirements.

On a more technical level, CTD has a fully fitted Tool room with a CNC machine operated by a team of experienced Toolmakers and Designers, who are involved in the Product Development Process.

Collier Tool and Die has recently invested in a Pvc Compounding plant where the qualities of raw material used in our products are manufactured to our highest standards and specs for in house and re-sale production.

We are committed to establishing value added relationships with customers and suppliers, ensuring that with the introduction of new products, there is sustainability and growth within our economy.